Sherbrooke Consulting, Inc.

Jolie Bain Pillsbury, Ph.D., President and CEO
Robert D. Pillsbury, Jr., Ph.D., CFO

In November 2017, Sherbrooke Consulting, Inc. concluded over twenty-five years of contribtuting to measurable improvements in the well-being of families, children and communities. As a continued commitment to that result, we are keeping this site available to provide on-going support for Results Based Facilitation and Results Based Leadership practitioners.

The Results

Results Based Facilitation(RBF) is the application of the Theory of Aligned Contributions. The theory posits contribution to results, not causality, when RBF skills are used with fidelity by individuals and groups committed to improving the well-being of children, families and communities. The use of RBF Skills has contributed to the measurable improvement of well-being over the past twenty-five years. Community level improvements include a 13% increase in children entering school ready to learn in Baltimore, Maryland and a 6% decrease in recidivism in Marion County, Indiana. The Smoking Cessation Leadership Center at University of California, San Francisco has used RBF to support cross-sector leaders in consistently developing and implementing Smoking Cessation Action Plans at the national, state and community level. Individuals using the Accountability Pathway to publicly hold themselves accountable are 17% more likely to keep their commitments.

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The Theory and Action Research

Practice that predictably contributes to the measurable improvement of results requires testable hypotheses and the continuous collection and analysis of data. The following theory and action research shaped the practice of Results Based Facilitation. Included are the quality improvement tools that any practitioner can use to make their own contribution to the continuous development of better methods that produce better results.
2007: Theory of Aligned Contributions: An Emerging Theory of Change Primer.
2008: A Teachable Method for Changing Unhealthy Behavoir. SBIR Phase I research Sherbrooke Consulting, Inc in partnership with the Smoking Cessation Leadership Center, University of California, San Francisco demonstrated that RBF skill were transferable and that teams of community leaders could use those tools to make a measurable difference in smoking cessation.
2011: Achieving Results with Collaboratives. University of Maryland, College Park, School of Public Policy in partnership with the Annie E. Casey Foundation documents the positive impact of cross-sector leaders using RBF methods and practices to make a measurable difference in children entering school ready to learn.
2013: Matter of Leadership. University of Maryland, College Park, School of Public Policy in partnership with the Annie E. Casey Foundation documents the positive impact of cross-sector leaders using RBF methods and practices to make a measurable difference in ex-offender reentry.
2017: Action Commitment Analyzer. Quality Improvement tools that practitioners can use to collect and analyze data to support leaders in making aligned contributions to measurably improve results.

The Books

In addition the the Therory of Aligned Contributions, there are three books on the theroy and practice of Results Based Facilitation. These books are available as both print and Kindle versions on Amazon.

The Apps

RBL-APPS are an easy to use set of over 40 handouts, tools and videos for quickly applying RBL and RBF to your daily work. You may view and download all of them from the RBL-APPS website (registration required).

Sample Apps include:

The Videos

In addition to the handouts and tools, RBL-APPS includes YouTube videos for some of the tools.

A direct link to 10 videos produced by the Annie E. Casey Foundation in support of Results Based Leadership is: Video Playlist.

Sample Videos include: